Worlds Beyond, Life Within(with John Mann & Brandon Webb)
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Becoming fearless about reinventing yourself is a powerful tool in life.  Multiple Time New York Best Selling authors Brandon Webb(@BrandonWebb) and John Mann(@JohnMann) share how real life meets fiction in their successful collaboration of the action-packed thriller series Blind Fear, Cold Fear, and Steal Fear.    "Often times, as we learn, the story in our head is much worse than the actual activity." - Brandon Webb   Key Takeaways: Mental Management: Training and focusing the mind is a daily practice that empowers the individual to concentrate in times of chaos, be aware of the intention behind actions, and stay in a positive and empowered mindset. The tools of mental management are visualization, positive self-talk, and reframing memory. Mentorship: Strong mentors can make all the difference when you stand at a crossroads, start your career, or make significant life changes. Mentors come in different ways. Also, if you have skills and time and want to be of service, becoming a mentor to someone is an excellent way of being sheepdog strong. Positive Partnerships: Fostering relationships for work or personal matters creates a more prosperous and happy life. Learning to collaborate with others means seeing what you are good at and what they are good at and then trusting one another to execute efficiently and effectively to get the job done.  Education: Children are naturally curious and want to learn. Our school systems in the United States need a curriculum that includes critical thinking, exploration, and actual learning. Teaching our children to question and think freely is one of the greatest gifts we can give them.  Sponsors and Promotions:   Lectric eBikes: Shift into a new way of getting out there with a Lectric eBike. Check out the XP Lite starting at just $799.  Links for John Mann & Brandon Webb: Website for Mann and Webb Instagram for Mann Instagram for Webb  
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