72. Leadership Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed
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What makes a good leader? Bart Egnal is an expert in answering this question, drawing from his more than 20 years of experience in leadership communication training. He shares his insights in this interview.  Bart Egnal is the current CEO of The Humphrey Group, which helps entrepreneurs and executives develop better leadership skills so they can manage and communicate with their teams more effectively. His mother, Judith Humphrey, founded The Humphrey Group in 1988. Bart joined the team in 2001 and set to work scaling the business into what it is today.  Now we’re picking Bart’s brain for his top insights on how to develop the right skills to be an effective business leader. He’ll talk about the importance of clear communication, how to build an inclusive culture, and other valuable insights that today’s business leaders need to thrive.  Resources: The Humphrey Group - Learn more about Bart and his company at their websiteThe Inspire Podcast - Leadership communication and inclusion podcast hosted by Bart EgnalHow to Lead like a Fortune 500 Executive - UpFlip podcast interview with leadership expert Libby GillUpFlip Blog - Learn more about how to start, lead, and grow a businessNiagara Institute - Leadership training for everyday leadersLeading Through Language - Book by Bart Egnal on how using clear language can make you a more effective leaderStart at the End -  Book by Dan Bigham on how to reverse-engineer your way to successConnect with UpFlip On Facebook On Instagram @UpFlipOfficial on Twitter For more insights to start, build, or grow a business, check out the resources on UpFlip.com or head to the UpFlip YouTube channel to see more interviews with business owners and experts. Thanks for listening!
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