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Caleth Jones, founder and CEO of The MoN App, joins Venus to make a huge announcement and to talk about how The MoN App is the first and only audio app designed for conversation, education, and exploration centered on sexual wellness. Venus will also explain why this platform for discussion is so important for education around cuckolding relationships and sexual empowerment for women in a time when it is most needed. This episode also includes a super sexy clip of Venus's recent live MoN chat where she let the audience listen in while she laid back and had footboy between her thighs....hotness!! Links Listen to the full footboy experience - https://www.patreon.com/posts/67163061 The MoN App - https://themonapp.com/ The Helpful Cuck Tier - https://www.patreon.com/VenusCuckoldress The Hotwife Hotel Takeover Event in Palm Springs - https://lifestylersmagazine.com/exclusive-events/ Venus Cuckoldress Website NEW!! Cuckolding Courses by Venus - https://cuckoldingcourses.com/ Venus Connections - matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships ASN Magazine - Venus feature: When the lifestyle turns terrifying Full Swap Radio - listen to Venus every Tuesday at 5pm and 11pm Central Time Merch! - yeah you read that right! Now you can get Venus/Cuckolding inspired merch! Submit a question for the show Become a Patreon supporter - support the podcast and get lots of perks! Including the Venus Vault! Venus on Twitter Venus on Instagram Venus on YouTube Venus on Facebook Support the show
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