Locking up your dick - chastity do's don'ts and DISASTERS with Key Barrett, MSc
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Join Venus and Key Barrett to talk about all things chastity! Why on earth would someone want to lock up their dick? How exactly does it feel and what does it actually do for you? How should you approach your partner about it? And how to start incorporating chastity into your relationship? And finally....chastity disaster stories from people who had some very unfortunate events.....CRINGE! About Key Barrett: Key Barrett is the pseudonym of a published author. What is not a pseudonym is the M.Sc. He has a Masters of Science in Anthropology. Key studied sexual subcultures across to Europe and North America, before turning his attention to Female-Led Relationships and specifically what makes the good ones so strong. He writes both non fiction and fiction with a female-leadership bent. All works are judgment-free and always between consenting adults. Click here to see his author page on Amazon and find him on Twitter Hotwife Palooza 2 - https://hotwifepalooza.com/ The Helpful Cuck Tier on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VenusCuckoldress The MoN App - https://themonapp.com/ Venus Cuckoldress Website NEW!! Cuckolding Courses by Venus - https://cuckoldingcourses.com/ Venus Connections - matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships ASN Magazine - Venus feature: When the lifestyle turns terrifying Full Swap Radio - listen to Venus every Tuesday at 5pm and 11pm Central Time Merch! - yeah you read that right! Now you can get Venus/Cuckolding inspired merch! Submit a question for the show Become a Patreon supporter - support the podcast and get lots of perks! Venus on Twitter Venus on Instagram Venus on YouTube Venus on Facebook Support the show
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