Harmoni Kalifornia - Part time adult film actress and full time legendary Queen of Spades!
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Harmoni joins Venus to talk about being a Queen of Spades cuckoldress with 3 Queen of Spades tattoos and being in a loving and long term cuckolding marriage. Also she talks about what it's like to film with some of the biggest stars in the adult film industry. Join Venus and Harmoni live on The MON App Sunday September 4th at 4pm Central Time - it's free! Links Harmoni on Twitter - @girlwspadetatoo The Helpful Cuck Tier on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/VenusCuckoldress The MON App - https://themonapp.com/ Venus Connections - matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships https://venusconnections.com/ Destination Links for Venus - https://linktr.ee/venuscuckoldress Check out the new Queen's Quarters fan hub on VenusCuckoldress.com What is Headero? It is the first app for everyone, for just one thing: people who love oral pleasure. Headero is a sexuality and gender-inclusive space for everyone that loves oral pleasure.Gay? Straight? Bi? Headero is for you.ā€¨Feminine? Masculine? Androgynous? Headero is for you.Transgender? Cisgender? Non-binary? Headero is for you.Headero empowers consenting adults to connect and meet for exploration and mutual pleasure. Support the show
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