She's 21, single, and wants a cuckolding relationship - the unicorn of all unicorns!
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It seems more and more common to hear of young men gaining an interest in cuckolding however when it comes to young women being interested in cuckolding it feels like an urban legend.  Well this episode is going to bust that myth because Benni, who is 21, is here to talk about how she gained an interest in cuckolding and hopes to find a cuckolding relationship with a loving partner. She has some important advice for anyone who is looking to bring up cuckolding to their partner or incorporate it into their relationship. And if you are single and thinking about how to find a single woman like herself she has advice on that as well. Links: The Queen's Quarters - Pillow Talk Events - Destination Links for Venus - Venus Connections -  The MON App - Venus Connections - matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships.  Support the showDestination Links for Venus -
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