The CUCK5000 Move
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Puck joins the show to talk about the intimate realms of cuckolding and the super hot practice of pussy massage. Learn the secrets behind the Cuck 5000 move, a technique that is far more than mere body worship —it's a cornerstone of the cuckolding dynamic that should be a must for cuckolding relationships. He recounts a particularly intimate experience, highlighting the importance of reciprocal feedback and the art of patience.  Discover the importance of a soft caress, the electric thrill of a well-placed palm, and the wonders of coconut oil in crafting an unforgettable encounter. Learn how hand and oral techniques can be combined to stimulate sensitive areas, culminating in moments of pure ecstasy. Indulge your curiosity, light the flame of passion, take notes, and dive in to this delectable conversation. Links: 2 Week Chastity Challenge Feb 1 to 14: Support the podcast and enjoy all of the benefits. Join the Helpful Cuck Tier at Venus Connections - Matchmaking for loving cuckolding relationships and female-led relationships. Learn more at is reframing porn and self-pleasure as wellness. Our mission is to make porn you can learn from - porn that highlights the pleasure of all participants with intimate, high-quality videos that break traditional tropes.   Use code VENUS for a free 7 day trial at Support the showDestination Links for Venus -
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Published 04/13/24
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