What is this hot mess dumpster fire part of cuckolding??
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It all started when Lukas read through some posts about cuckolding on Reddit, and what he read made him quite upset. Instead of spending his time arguing online he decided to email Venus with his frustrations. He wrote about how experienced bulls and cucks are destroying the expectations of what cuckolding is really about, and that prospective new couples see this as the norm yet are unknowingly being misled. So what is this hot mess of misinformation that's going on? Have a listen to the episode to find out. Links Lukas on Fetlife - Lukas39 Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/CuckoldPsychology/ Join the QQ community for free limited access - https://www.venuscuckoldress.com/offers/FTNWndiv/checkout  The Venus Blog - https://www.venuscuckoldress.com/blog?tag=venus  Venus on GTFO radio - https://gtforadio.ca/shows-a/venus-cuckoldress/  All other links - https://linktr.ee/venuscuckoldress  Text Venus Joymode: GREAT SEX SOLVED, NATURALLYUse Code VENUS for 20% off your first order at usejoymode.com/venus🚀 Support your erection quality💪 Perform with confidence Support the podcast and enjoy all of the benefits. Join the Helpful Cuck Tier at https://www.venuscuckoldress.com/Queens-quarter Support the Show. Destination Links for Venus - https://linktr.ee/venuscuckoldress
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