Venus's BBC Confessional: Origins of a Queen of Spades
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WARNING: This episode is so hot that listening in public might be...awkward! 🔥If you have a deep desire for interracial cuckolding and enjoy the overwhelming allure of BBC, this is the episode for you. Venus kneels at the BBC altar for QoS worship as she recalls her origin stories about her interracial journey and the experiences along the way.Links:Taboo Sex Podcast with Venus & Dr. David Ley: audio a...
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Published 06/08/24
Published 06/08/24
It's another riveting episode featuring the listener confessions! This time about what it's really like to feel sexually unable to complete with black men and how that might just make things really enjoyable. Is it true that there is some sort of natural reward for admitting the truth?Links:Live...
Published 05/11/24