How Hot is the Re-Penetration Sex Between Cuck and Wife? - With Confident Cuck
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Confident Cuck joins the show to talk about the cuck experience, identifying as a cuckold, sexual denial, and advice for cucks who are stuck on the fence. He also dives into the super hot topic of re-penetration, reclamation, reconnecting, or whatever you want to call it sloppy seconds sex. Basically how hot it is to have sex with your wife after she's been with her bull!Confident Cuck (Gianni) is a popular cuck blogger who discusses all things cuckold ...
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It's another thrilling episode in the Confessions series! The thought of her getting caught in the act of wanting a guy who was much bigger than him was just SO HOT. But would she do it? They talked about it all the time in the bedroom but one day she would absolutely shock him with a surprise...
Published 07/06/24
Published 07/06/24
Explore the emotional intricacies of cuckolding relationships with Dr. Joe Kort in this important episode! Discover invaluable strategies to navigate post-nut regret and the unique vulnerability that can arise in such scenarios. Dr. Kort, a leading expert in sexuality and relationship dynamics,...
Published 06/08/24