The Viral Podcast Ep. 72
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Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn talk about Slits only extra content, new podcast studio. Should she tell her friend about the cock roaches? Do women like their nipples messed with? The viral podcast phone number made it in a tinder profile! The full release of lean foward.  Give us a call! 443-777-3331 Ask/confess/Anything! Thank you so much for listening! Go see Chelcie on tour!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chelcie Lynn Instagram Paige Ginn Instagram TikTok Twitter ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Athletic Green's Free 1 year supply of vitamin D and 5 free Travel packs Apple podcast- Spotify- Google Podcast-
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Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn discuss who's more competitive in the crew, shoes in the house, for or against. Surprising your loved one with a threesome. And how Chelcie spent her bachelorette party in 2009!  Give us a call at 442-777-3331 Want Viral Merch!...
Published 06/06/23
Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn share the dangers of long term birth control. What if your average life span was 40 years old? Paige's nick name is "Long Logs". Do human females drop eggs?  Give us a call 442-777-3331 Want Viral Merch! ...
Published 05/30/23
Published 05/30/23