The Viral Podcast Ep. 97
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Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn are back with a baggie of airpit hair, two truths one lie, and DM of the day. Wild dreams, friends who offer up a little too much help and Malt Licky explained! Tammy's Pontoon Party giveaway! Want Viral Merch! Thank you so much for listening! PONTOON PARTY GIVEAWAY💥 --------------------------------------------------- TVP Instagram Chelcie Lynn Instagram Paige Ginn Instagram TikTok Twitter (X) ------------------------------------------------ Lume- Control body oder ANYWHERE with @lumedeodorant and get $5 off your starter pack (that's over 40% off) with promo code VIRAL at  #lumepod Adam & Eve- CODE VIRAL 50% off 1 item and FREE shipping ---------------------------------------------- Apple Podcast- Spotify- Google Podcast-
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Published 11/28/23
Chelcie Lynn and Paige Ginn play guess this sound, finish the lyrics, and have you heard. Lots of would you rathers. Did Maggie really get hypnotized? His nose bleeds each time he goes down... Want Viral Merch? Give us a call! 442-777-3331 ...
Published 11/28/23
Chelcie Lynn & Paige Ginn ask questions we all want answered, how often do you wash your jeans? Girl code of liking ex's photos, if your g******s were an animal... what would they be? Wasps in the studio! Want Viral Merch! Give us a call...
Published 11/21/23