RUSSELL CHAMPION? Bold F1 2022 Predictions! | Talking Points
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Tommo, Aldas and Haydon give their big bold F1 predictions like George Russell become the next world champion and Red Bull Racing being the flop of the season!
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Haydon and Aldas discuss all the biggest talking points from the 2022 Formula 1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, and put the drivers head-to-head for who was best in each team! Grab your EXCLUSIVE NordVPN Deal by going to to to get a Huge Discount off your NordVPN Plan +...
Published 04/24/22
Published 04/24/22
Tommo, Aldas and Haydon look at the F1 teams after the first 3 races of the 2022 season, and give their opinions on which teams are performing... and which aren't.
Published 04/19/22