Trust Me Bro - WAN Show August 12, 2022
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Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 0:00 Chapters. 1:50 Intro. 2:18 Topic #1: Google tells Apple to adopt RCS. 3:58 Green bubble is bad for dating, discussing social life. 7:38 Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 8:46 Summarizing interpretation from Linus's comments. 10:30 Explaining the "trust me, bro" & investments. 15:10 Luke discusses the wording & responses. 18:12 Linus on what he really meant about the store support. 21:46 Linus on the retiring stream. 24:18 Things that Linus feels he did wrong. 26:50 Internal versus external policy, ghosting people, lawsuits. 29:22 LTT's reputation, GN's video, discussing trust. 33:12 Subreddit's thread, accusations towards LMG censoring. 40:36 Planned warranty for LTTStore, nothing changes with LMG. 44:42 LTTStore's "Trust me bro" T-Shirt. [Cont.] Topic #2: LTTStore's backpack warranty. 46:55 Clearing the confusion in chats. 48:48 LTTStore discount, sweatband. 49:21 Topic #3: Linus's pool update. 50:55 Concrete & cement ratio, explaining shortage. 55:02 Topic #4: Netflix has mobile iOS games. 58:38 Discussing Netflix users, comparing to Apple Arcade. 1:01:34 Ubisoft, Netflix Premium subscription. 1:04:28 Merch Messages #1. 1:05:00 Riding season, video on biking & gear. 1:05:57 Floatplane background play. 1:06:16 Sponsoring an Esports team. 1:11:34 Less commonly known tech carriers. 1:14:46 Thought on Steam spam games, pop-ups, Luke's "child". 1:20:49 Sponsors. 1:21:01 Wealthfront. 1:22:18 Seasonic. 1:22:48 VULTR ft. Seasonic's 12 years warranty. 1:26:22 Topic #5: Newegg GIGABYTE discount scandal. 1:31:28 Linus tries to read into the refund & shipping issue. 1:39:48 Topic #6: Linus V.S. Naomi Wu Twitter controversy. 1:45:00 Naomi Wu & 4chan changing the story. 1:48:29 Discussing responses on Twitter. 2:01:52 Topic #7: Instagram & Facebook's excuse for in-app browser. 2:05:44 Merch Messages #2. 2:05:52 LMG's tape backup. 2:08:35 Battery technology in houses. 2:10:47 LTT demographics. 2:13:46 Should NVidia branch out into CPUs? 2:14:16 AMD CPU show similar to Intel's ARC? 2:16:30 Half life 2 in VR. 2:18:30 How Linus feels about the 20,000 bags. 2:25:58 Luke's Steam Deck & spending habit. 2:31:45 Steam Deck for game streaming. 2:33:24 Product category Linus would target. 2:34:34 Steam Deck with case for LTTStore backpack. 2:35:10 Networking cables & wifi mesh. 2:40:20 Outro.
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