NVIDIA Thinks You're RICH - WAN Show September 23, 2022
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Save money on your phone plan today at https://www.mintmobile.com/wanshow Make compliance easy with Kolide at: https://l.kolide.co/3mOs6it Deploy a cloud server in seconds with Hetzner at https://www.hetzner.com/cloud?pk_source=youtube&pk_content=yt-cloud-2022 Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119 - Note: Timestamps may be off due to sponsor change) 0:00 Chapters 1:52 Intro 2:20 LTT sponsored MKBHD's ARC PC build 4:36 Topic #1 - NVIDIA's RTX 4000 update 5:38 Performance claims, NVIDIA V.S. gamer roleplay 9:02 Board design & cost per wafer's size 18:04 What can we do about the MSRP? 21:02 AMD's RDNA3, compared to M1 Ultra, "Linus is biased" 24:00 Luke is scuba certified, Taiwan diving 24:34 Linus returns with watercooled Vega 64 26:36 Linus showcases Radeon VII 27:16 Linus on R280, Fury & better hardware 31:26 Discussing price increase through the years 35:15 Simulating inflation, NVIDIA's progress, dead pixels recall for OLED 38:32 Was this MSRP to get rid of RTX 3000? 40:54 Topic #2 - Logitec G Cloud handheld 41:06 Funny specifications on the product page 44:52 Reading reviews & user rating 48:12 Linus tries to write a review 50:00 Sponsors 53:00 LTTStore elemental shirt discount 53:34 LTTStore Cargo shorts 55:28 Linus's written review, filtered out 57:36 Linus writes a joke review for Luke 1:00:32 If Deck didn't exist, would it be good? 1:02:11 Reason behind elemental shirt stock 1:04:30 Topic #3 - LTT in EspaƱol 1:06:22 Planned AI-generated voice 1:09:08 Linus shows off video 1:10:46 Merch Messages #1 1:11:00 Why are local pricing for GPUs high? 1:12:21 ASUS PG42UQ ghosting & Windows snap 1:13:06 Traffic after MKBHD collab, excitement towards lab ft pizza 1:18:46 Cloud computing, Chromebook V.S. ThinkPad 1:24:02 Linus on MKBHD collab's impact 1:25:40 Giving the video another shot 1:28:48 Topic #4 - Twitch changes revenue splits 1:31:00 Quoting Twitch's changes 1:34:44 Twitch bans some gambling streams, talking YT VODs & revene impact 1:42:26 Topic #5 - Framework Chromebook Edition 1:42:38 Specifications & thoughts 1:45:22 Discussing sustainability & what Twitch should do 1:49:32 YouTube shorts revenue, discussing TikTok evading copyright 1:54:40 Requirements to be eligible for revenue 1:55:07 Licensed music, do they belong in LTT? 1:57:50 Topic #6 - videogamedunkey's BIGMODE 1:58:44 Community response, impact on indie games 2:06:58 BIGMODE website, lack of responses 2:08:20 Merch Messages #2 2:08:26 Favorite gift given or received 2:11:00 Pros to cons using 220V on PSU 2:11:32 With EVGA out, would others fill the space? 2:12:20 Running Windows on VM reliably 2:13:10 Do you miss not needing as many devices? 2:15:08 YouTube Shorts is addictive 2:16:52 Linus's review on Sony A95K TV 2:17:40 Which Zen 4 CPU for future proofing? 2:19:14 Challenges with NA-based manufacturers for LTTStore 2:23:30 Thoughts on new PSU specs 2:24:51 Linus's wire fraud 2:25:10 Avoiding quantum tunneling via 3D stacking 2:25:36 Would LTTStore become a hub to sell YouTubers merch? 2:35:00 What games are you currently enjoying? 2:37:25 Outro
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