Verified WAN Show - WAN Show November 11, 2022
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Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try FreshBooks free, for 30 days, no credit card required at Go to for 15% off MasterClass Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change 0:00 Chapters 1:44 Intro 2:17 Topic #1 - Twitter changes & controversies 3:32 Impersonators, Eli Elly And Co stock impacted 9:30 $8 Twitter Blue, major staff changes 14:30 Head of T&S, CISO & CO resigned, discussing impersonators 17:13 Potential Twitter bankruptcy, unprofitable advertisers 19:45 Elon sold $4Bn of Tesla stock 21:12 Topic #2 - Meta fires 13% of workforce 22:26 Investors question Meta's future, Luke on AR/VR trend 27:27 Linus on tech companies laying off staff trend 28:01 Floatplane & Labs hiring 28:25 Discussing sustainability of alternate decentralised web 31:56 Discord came in as a good answer, Twitter Blue V.S. Discord Nitro 35:35 Was Elon's prior success an accident, or his arrogance? 41:14 Topic #3 - NVIDIA relaunches RTX "4080 12GB" as 4070Ti 41:41 Discussing un-launch, specs & MSRP 42:32 4070Ti/4070 to release in January 2023 42:47 4080 16GB MSRP, NVIDIA's "requests" to AIBs, EVGA leaving 45:03 2060 & 2060 SUPER discontinued Should we be mad? 47:59 LTTStore 1,000/100/1 piece CPU puzzle 53:56 Crewneck sweater clearance sale 54:37 Shoelace update 55:31 Sponsors 59:50 Topic #4 - Ash Ketchum finally won PWC after 25 years 1:02:16 Linus on being excited over fictional characters 1:05:06 Luke leaves, FP comment on script & rules, Bell-cam 1:06:03 Topic #5 - Founder of Oculus creates a "lethal headset" 1:08:24 Linus on paintball & risk versus reward 1:10:51 Fun comes with real consequences 1:12:44 Topic #6 - Logitech G Cloud review sample 1:14:13 Logitech reached out to LMG for a sponsorship 1:15:58 Main concerns with the G Cloud 1:17:36 Would you consider G Cloud as a Steam Deck user? 1:18:19 Topic #7 - DeviantArt's DreamUp AI 1:22:03 Merch Messages #1 1:22:11 Follow up to cardboard PC challenge video idea 1:23:29 Weird or random requests from sponsors 1:24:29 Touch-type, young generation less tech-literate 1:25:11 If Luke was a higher up, would Linus be hired for LukeTechTips? 1:25:50 What's up with video aspect ratios? 1:27:20 Hot Ones, can Linus eat spicy food? 1:28:37 Linus finds his favorite Tweet of all time 1:30:55 EV cars as e-waste when replacing batteries? 1:33:38 Mastodon as a decentralised alternative to Twitter 1:34:54 Leaking fun LTTStore possible products 1:36:29 Benchmarking VR games? 1:37:29 Employee monitoring software, countries Linus traveled to 1:44:51 Sites, services and games Linus & Bell miss 1:58:29 Moore Threads Chinese video cards 1:59:27 Linus friendship & relationship advice 2:01:13 Bad habit Linus didn't know he had 2:02:05 If people forgot LTT, can you rebuild a large new channel? 2:04:07 Thoughts on the direction of car infotainment system 2:08:02 Hackers accessing info video idea 2:08:45 Porsche order update 2:09:29 What would a "good Internet" be like? 2:10:43 How to improve LTTStore experience in Europe? 2:14:19 AMD's Genoa Epyc CPUs, Linus in Supermicro videos 2:15:15 Fire & explosion proof Li ion battery video idea 2:16:01 Poll results: hard mode or easy mode for puzzles 2:16:52 Shopify dashboard sidebar issues on Z Fold 4 2:17:23 Outro
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