We Need To Talk About This - WAN Show February 9, 2024
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You’ll be amazed at what you can do with Grammarly. Sign up at https://grammarly.com/wanshow02 and get 20% off Grammarly Premium. Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at https://drinkAG1.com/WANshow UPDF: AI PDF Editor with OCR - Save 61% today: https://bit.ly/4bieLXX Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters 1:17 Intro 1:44 Topic #1 - Reason behind Linus's shave 4:28 Dan's hint, Linus's hydrafacial 7:26 Yvonne's thoughts on the beard, Linus explains why he won't grow one for now 9:11 Topic #2 - Apple Vision Pro 11:26 Fixed cable length, Luke wears the headset for the first time 13:53 Luke tries to turn the device on, Linus's power solution, strap issues 22:55 Apple Vision Pro battery, Linus is over it, Luke on the straps 26:51 Motorized IPD, low latency, dbrand's SC dodge sponsor spot 28:06 Luke's comments, tries out gestures, dinosaurs & passthrough 34:46 LMG is hiring! ft. Good spatial speakers 36:12 LTTStore's new black polo shirt 36:35 New planetary & intergalactic shirts 39:22 Frustrated at MacOS, requires US registered Apple ID, Luke's thoughts 44:37 Merch Messages #1 50:41 Toughest video game choice you ever made? 55:32 Linus gives Luke his Mac, digital crown, screen projection 1:00:14 Linus on the lack of I/O, Apple's hostility towards users 1:07:07 Compares to Quest, "why do you hate Apple?" 1:11:51 Apple TV immersive videos & trying Quest 3, point of exclusivity 1:18:40 Price V.S. cost of development, Luke on irrelevant criticism 1:21:40 Storage & pricing, Dan's reaction, PC Pro build, Apple Care 1:28:35 PS Portal's marketing compared to Apple's, cost of adoption, Apple Card 1:30:48 Merch Messages #2 ft. LTTStore's compatibility with Apple Vision Pro 1:38:26 Worst time you've seen people disregard security so far? 1:43:25 Why does LMG utilize Microsoft's business ecosystem & not Apple's? 2:01:30 Sponsor - Grammarly 2:02:46 Sponsor - AG1 2:04:08 Sponsor - UPDF ft. Luke's opinion on PDFs 2:07:17 Topic #3 - Canada will ban Flipper Zero due to car thefts 2:18:02 Topic #4 - Florida bill could ban kids social media accounts 2:19:46 Topic #5 - emoose's NvTrueHDR mod, SDR to HDR for games 2:22:53 PSU data visualization for SC & LTT Labs site 2:28:23 Topic #6 - Google blocks sideloading in Singapore 2:33:50 Topic #7 - Deepfake CFO video call scams $256M USD from a bank 2:35:44 Linus recovered his old account by Googling himself 2:40:39 Topic #8 - South Korea jails PUBG player due to avoiding military service 2:42:56 Topic #9 - Google launches Gemini, a rebranded Bard 2:48:00 Topic #10 - Funimation to merge with Crunchyroll, deletes library 2:50:12 Linus AI voice, how does Linus feel about this? ft. Suave Dan 2:57:31 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus hits Luke 3:01:06 Why wouldn't Valve create Steam+ gaming service? 3:11:06 Most heartbreaking loss of tech you experienced? 3:14:03 Places that are on your buckets list? 3:14:24 Luke's 100% success chicken recipe video soon? 3:14:51 Have you heard of the 1KM Wi-Fi with bandwidth for video calls? 3:16:02 Advice on long distance parenting? 3:18:20 Alibaba driver ft. LTTStore screwdriver is NOT a Chinese re-badge 3:22:28 Suggestions to verify kids' age on socials without verification? 3:23:05 How far do you think AMD is from catching up with RTX? ft. Logitech 3:36:19 How do you expect the world to combat AI deepfakes? 3:38:50 Why is Linus still running Samsung Note 9? 3:42:33 Does FP give interesting analytics & stats compared to YouTube? 3:45:56 If you had to choose, FFT or FFIV remake, or sequel? 3:47:20 How do you plan the design & labor cost for LTTStore products? 3:49:38 Would you use AI that could extract benchmark data? 3:50:18 Cable management W H E N?! Thoughts on digital identity to combat AI? 3:55:51 Has Luke tried Skyrim Companions mod? 3:57:19 Is Linus interested in the Immersed Visor? 3:58:11 What sealed the deal for Luke using athletic greens? 4:01:40 Thoughts on future GPU upgrades for the 16" Framework? 4:02:17 Outro Learn more about
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Published 04/20/24
Published 04/20/24
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Published 04/13/24