I'm Siding With Apple - WAN Show May 10, 2024
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Start your day on the right foot with AG1 at http://drinkAG1.com/WANshow Save 10% and get Free Shipping with Ridge by using the code WAN at https://www.ridge.com/wan Get a 15-day free trial for unlimited backup at https://www.backblaze.com/landing/podcast-wan.html Get 20% off Savage Jerky with code WANFOOD20 at: https://savagejerky.com/pages/ltt Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119): 0:00 Chapters. 1:18 Intro. 1:43 Topic #1: Apple's iPad Pro & M4 release. 7:04 Luke the new Switch, Linus on specs & storage, thoughts on Apple's ad. 9:02 Discussing the ad's controversy, LG ad, swiss army & firearm example. 19:18 Luke asks for Linus's opinion on the ad, recalling older iPad Pro ad. 21:32 Apple's habit of removing older ads. 28:40 Topic #2: Microsoft closes three game studios, including Hi-Fi RUSH makers. 36:10 Luke on studio games & recent successful games, stock's impact. 40:04 When was the last time companies developed anything? 42:27 Luke on purchasing studios, Linus on a friend's vet practice. 51:42 LTTStore's classic T-shirts are back. 51:51 Linus's similar image of the T-shirt. 53:26 Limited American apparel shirts quantity. 53:48 Merch Messages #1. 59:42 Topic #3: Asus's ROG Ally X, new handheld PC. Cont. Merch Messages #1. 1:05:42 Tips on dealing with employees making the same mistakes? 1:13:50 Conversation on unallowed jokes for LMG. 1:17:26 Linus on his work, covering "Do you know who I am?!" 1:22:12 Persona & trolling. 1:25:10 Topic #4: Nintendo's new Switch successor to be announced. 1:26:02 Discussing Ampere, naming, FP's chat suggestions. 1:29:24 Potential specs, recalling Nintendo LABO. 1:32:45 Why do Nintendo keep bringing out old console? 1:34:26 Linus's diagnosis, GameCube, Luke brother's case. 1:38:21 Sponsors. 1:38:26 AG1. 1:40:06 Ridge. 1:42:06 Backblaze. 1:43:08 Savage Jerky. 1:43:44 Merch Messages #2 ft. Angry Dan. 1:48:50 Do you see professions soon requiring AI use over manual use? 1:53:55 Is water block compatibility going to be on LTTLabs site? 1:56:28 How do you handle numerous tasks & deadlines? 2:01:11 Topic #5: Stack Overflow's OpenAI integration causes protests. 2:02:58 LTT's upcoming video on de-Google-ifying your life. 2:06:22 Topic #6: Intel's CPU crash over motherboard's BIOS profile. 2:14:49 Topic #7: AMD's x86 server share nears a third of the market. 2:18:41 Topic #8: Sony's Helldivers 2 controversy. 2:22:26 Regional locks, what's the point? 2:29:04 Billy Basso's Animal Well, funny storage & specs requirements. 2:32:18 BC Charity uncleared items for sale on Whatnot. 2:37:40 Topic #11: Google's Find My Device feature. 2:39:18 Yvonne's lost purse story. 2:51:24 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, accidental outro. 2:53:40 Do you see Linux gaining a significant market? 2:54:08 Thoughts on future of AI playing roles in the governments? 2:55:02 What OS feature do you think should be universally implemented? 2:57:08 Precision screwdriver ETA? 2:58:45 Ever found a device or tech installed where it shouldn't have been? 2:59:38 Is a conure rolling on the glass cage a good behavior? 3:00:31 What video game movies are or were you excited about? 3:02:02 How do you screen for both career & behavioral fit for interviews? 3:04:01 Is DIY spraying & painting your house worth it? 3:06:37 Obscure LAN favorites that you struggled to run on modern systems? 3:07:18 How do you avoid Amazon? Should companies disclose it? 3:08:20 What are you looking for at COMPUTEX? Whale LAN update? 3:09:55 How much did NCIX make out of selling physical games? 3:11:10 What made David become a writer & a host? 3:14:00 Thoughts on heat reactive cups that show internals of products? 3:16:14 What is your daily driver power bank? 3:18:24 Is Linus still using his Steam Deck? 3:19:00 Any person you previously met again who you thought was a fan? 3:21:22 What governmental tech infrastructure would Luke want to tour? 3:21:40 Tips & tricks for a new manual car adopter? 3:28:45 Outro. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm
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Published 06/15/24
Published 06/15/24
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Published 06/10/24