I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021
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Use code LINUS10 for 10% off your Fantom Wallet at https://lmg.gg/FantomWAN Visit https://www.squarespace.com/WAN and use offer code WAN for 10% off Remotely monitor and manage your server or PC using Pulseway at https://lmg.gg/pulsewayteams  Check out Mac Address, our new Apple channel at https://youtube.com/macaddress Check out Carpool Critics, our new movie podcast: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt-oJR5teQIjOAxCmIQvcgA Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) 00:02:52 Topic #1: New Apple Exclusive Channel - Mac Address  00:02:56 bUt LiNUs, yOu aRe/ArEn'T ApPlE sHiLl (and playing the devil's advocate.)  00:04:38 Linus Rant #1 - Linus's Opinion on Apple, its' Community and Right to Repair.  00:06:05 Explaining the Name (Mac Address.)  00:07:38 Jonathan Horst - Unbiased Towards Apple?  00:12:04 What to Expect on the New Channel.  00:26:50 Hiring ONCE Again (For the New Channel.) 00:29:21 Unofficial Topic #1: Amazon Canada Pricing is All Over the Place (And Luke's Review).  00:29:24 Luke and (Barely) Purchasing from Amazon. Discussing Amazon Features.  00:31:14 Not All Amazon Prices are Lower just like these Linus Tech Tips Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles LTTstoredotcom.  00:31:40 Linus Rant #2 - Returned Mislabeled Products, Penalizes and Other Vendors Shenanigans.  00:35:50 "LMAO ... It's not a great experience" ~ Nick 2021  00:36:45 Linus Rant #3 - Why Use Amazon if you Despised it?  00:40:25 LMG Will Still Use Amazon.  00:42:00 Luke's Opinion on Intel not Showing up on PAX.  00:43:31 Browsing Amazon Reviews on the Linus Tech Tips Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles Available now on Both Amazon and LTTstoredotcom.  00:44:16 ABCs of Gaming is Officially on Amazon (The Tale of the Used Book.)  00:46:22 The Northern Lights Desk Pad is in Stock again! 00:48:14 Topic #2: NVIDIA Enters the CPU and Laptop Market.  00:48:27 New architecture dubbed Grace - X10 Times the Performance of Today's Complex AI Servers?!?!  00:49:16 Grace Allows for the Combination of System Memory and HBM GPU Memory.  00:49:44 Intel’s New CEO’s responds “(Intel) is playing Offense, not Defense”  00:51:26 Media Tech Partnership to Bring RTX Grapics Cards to ARM Laptops, and potential future ARM clashing with AMD.  00:52:14 Linus Rant #4 - Linus Tempted to Get Apple Arcade for Fantasian, But Will Not. 00:58:44 Topic #3: iOS Users Will No Longer Have Access to Discord Servers Tagged NSFW...  01:00:31 iOS Users are Blocked from NSFW Flagged Servers!... But you can Still Access Them on the Web Version.  01:03:41 Linus Rant #5 - Cannot Access App Information on the Web Accessible Version of App Store.  01:07:40 Linus's Official Favorite Comment on the WAN Show of All Time - WHERE ARE THE TIME STAMPS?! (I got you fam) 01:07:59 Unofficial Topic #2: MORE Apple V.S. Epic Games Drama! Epic Games Store is "Bleeding Money"  1:10:14 Tim Sweeny Calls Out IGN on Their Article Regarding Epic Games. 01:13:14 Unofficial Topic #3: Twitch Losing MILLIONS of Followers.  01:13:20 YouTube and Removing Subscribers, Similarity of the Situation.  01:14:51 xQc Lost 2.6 Million Followers, Sodapoppin Lost 3.2 Million Followers.  01:15:05 Losing Followers does not Matter (According to Linus.)  01:16:24 Linus Rant #6 - Hatred towards the "New" YouTube Dashboard. 01:17:00 Topic #4: Microsoft's "Acquisition Streak" Continues - Nuance Purchased for $19.7 Billion. 01:24:04 Donations and Other Superchat Questions. (OnlyFans Update? Right to Repair? Dogecoin?) 01:38:25 Wrapping up
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