AMD's New CPU Socket Just Leaked! - WAN Show May 28, 2021
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Enter PDFelement Giveaway:  Download PDFelement: Buy PDFelement with 50% off: Pre Order your Anker Nano II Charger today: Get your .TECH domain and help children get their start in computer science at: Check out Other Podcasts: Carpool Critics Movie Podcast: Timestamps (Courtesy of Vulcānus) 0:00   Intro and Topics 3:06   AMD AM5, LGA, DDR5 and DDR4 11:43  PCIE Gen 5, Intel Alder Lake 19:49  PGA to LGA for AMD 23:20  Facebook sues India 32:23  Bill C10 35:21  Super chats __ 38:30 Sponsors Anker Nano II Charger,  PDFelemnent, .TECH Domains __ 40:42  Personal stories of early interactions with tech 42:45  DinoPark Tycoon 43:57  USB C 2.1 46:45  LTT Store, new shirt 47:49  Winget 54:33  New version of Windows incoming 58:25  Steam leaks and hardware 59:55  Amazon "ZenBooth" 1:06:31  16gb iPads 1:06:55  Super chats 1:08:46  Scrapyard wars/PCMR 1:14:58  Birds 1:15:59  His hands...they are diamond 1:19:01  Beat sabre bet 1:21:46  Bye
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