Should we Make Our Own OnlyFans Competitor? - WAN Show August 20, 2021
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Buy the Elgato Facecam today at Buy a Seasonic Ultra Titanium PSU On Amazon: On NewEgg: Start your build today at Timestamps  (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [2:18] Intro. [3:03] Topic #1: OnlyFans banning NSFW content.    3:26 LTT's OnlyFans.     5:07 OnlyFans is NOT explicitly adult content.     9:55 Comparing to Tumblr's decision.     11:23 Discussing policies.     16:12 Floatplane could have been an adult site.     18:58 Is this the end of OnlyFans?     21:34 How the adult industry shapes techs.     23:55 LTT would not be involved in the industry. [26:56] Topic #2: ARC: Intel's new brand.     27:20 Discussing ARC and specs.     31:44 Intel's Alder Lake and specs.     33:59 In-CPU EMC technology. [35:54] Sponsors.     36:01 Build Redux PC Builder.     36:31 Elgato Facecam.     37:34 Seasonic's Ultra Titanium PSUs. [38:03] Topic #3: Epic copies Among Us in Fortnite.     40:39 Comparisons between the games. [44:51] Topic #4: Gigabyte responds to "exploding" PSUs. [47:55] Topic #5: Halo Infinite has NO co-op. [51:23] LTTstore new merch. [54:03] Superchats. [1:03:51] Most purchased LTT lanyards [1:05:47] Wrapping up. [1:06:08] Outro.
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