China Just Ruined 100M Childhoods - WAN Show September 3, 2021
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Enter TEAMGROUP's Back-to-school giveaway here: PC or no PC Application Form: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) [0:00] Chapters. [1:20] Intro. [1:50] Topic #1: China limits time for gaming.     7:32 Arm China goes rogue.     15:07 How the ban might help with monitoring. [21:47] Topic #2: Red-dit banning subred-dits. [31:59] Sponsors.     32:07 Backblaze cloud storage.     33:05 Ridge wallet.     34:24 Squarespace website builder. [35:27] Topic #3: The origin of Floatplane. [46:39] LTTstore new merch. [49:18] Topic #4: SK bills against Apple and Google.     51:10 Apple links paying OUT of App Store.     55:30 Apple CSAM delayed due to backlash. [58:24] Topic #5: A day off Twitch. [1:10:16] Topic #6: New gameshow - PC or NO PC. [1:11:15] Superchats. [1:16:26] Wrapping up. [1:17:12] Outro.
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