EP69: Ski Talk with Bruce Reid
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Welcome back to The Water Ski Podcast! After a brief brake, Matteo is back with a new guest and a very rich episode! Episode 69 is with Bruce Reid! Bruce is a former World Championship medalist, Pro Tour competitor, and orthopedic surgeon. Matteo connected with Bruce in October after joining a wok group within the IWWF Medical Committee. The goal of this group is to update on and off water protocols for concussion recognition and management, as well as spread awareness and education about brain injuries. The work captained by Bruce and with the involvement of several volunteers has led to a number of innovations in the sport when it comes to concussions. You can visit the documentation and videos being produced at iwwf.sport/concussion Another tool to be familiar with is the On Water Concussion Recognition Tool (OWCRT), a simple step-by-step early recognition tool we should all be familiar with. Finally, another great app to download is Concussion Ed! Sit back and enjoy this rich and very informative chat! _________________________ This episode is brought to you by the FlowPoint Method, a revolutionary and holist approach to water skiing created by Jenny LaBaw and Marcus Brown. Learn more about the FlowPoint Method by going to thewaterskipodcast.com/flowpointmethod. Take a few seconds to write a review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts, it really helps :-) If you are enjoying this podcast, please consider a donation. If you are interested in advertising on The Water Ski Podcast, please reach out.
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