Deep Dive - Why The Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade
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On this episode, Will dives deep into how the Supreme Court decided to overturn the over 50-year-old law. Drawing on his legal background, Will breaks down the legalese behind how Roe and Casey became the law of the land, and what reasoning the court had to change it.   Tell Will why he is right...or wrong!   Follow Will on Twitter: @WillCain Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 08/17/22
On this episode, Will sits down with American conservative activist, CEO of American Majority, and former Speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Ned Ryun, to discuss in detail, what permanent Washington and the "uniparty" really mean. Will and Ned break down where the real power in Washington...
Published 08/17/22
Story #1: Over six years of America breaking itself over former President Trump, now permanent Washington is coming for you. Story #2: Why the IRS needs more agents than the State Department, the FBI, the Pentagon, and Border Control combined. Story #3: Will 2022 be a football season to...
Published 08/15/22