An All-Out Assault On Free Speech
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Story #1: There is an authoritarian stampede coming for your free speech, and it is not subtle. Story #2: The Phoenix Suns vs. the Milwaukee Bucks. No matter how you cut it, a good guy is going to win the NBA Finals.  Story #3: The rhetoric around coronavirus right now would make you believe we are in the middle of the third wave. Catch up with Will on Twitter: @willcain
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Story #1: Is it a lie if you’re not even trying to tell the truth?  Story #2: A simple equation— risk times risk mitigation compared to the risk OF mitigation… how to calculate whether or not your kid should get vaccinated. Story #3: Will’s top 10 teams in the NFL. Tell Will why he is right…or...
Published 09/22/21
Story #1: Will shares sound from an FDA panel showing the truth above the pandemic’s fear and hysteria  Story #2: Is the United States irremediably broken?  Story #3: A super-sized edition of sports- Will makes his way around the NFL and breaks down his top teams and players in college...
Published 09/20/21
Story #1: Stories from America and data from India; when it comes to COVID-19, what is fact and what is fabricated? Story #2: Forget hypocrisy, we are setting up a blatant cast system in the U.S. Story #3: Will's college and NFL picks of the week, plus his weekly quarterback depth chart. Tell...
Published 09/17/21