Cut The Clutter : Reality or spy fiction, the ‘Havana syndrome‘ hitting US diplomats, CIA officers & families worldwide
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Something called the Havana syndrome has kept the international spy talking about it for five years. Russians call it a mere tabloid fantasy, it looks like one, but now Blinken & Biden have spoken on it, a top intel committee in Washington is probing it and Kamala Harris delayed her visit to Hanoi on this fear. Shekhar Gupta takes us through the growing mystery. Episode 832 of #CutTheClutter
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As the fast developing 'Cordelia Cruise Empress party case' involving Aryan Khan and allegedly “drugs” turns into a perfect mess, Shekhar Gupta looks at the unraveling can of worms involving NCB, politicians, Bollywood and others. What is the cast of this highly complicated case and what we know...
Published 10/25/21
The historian as judge-referee looking to ‘settle’ the question of Gandhi allegedly urging Savarkar to file mercy petitions is doomed to fail, and not due to lack of evidence.   Read the full article here:...
Published 10/25/21