Cut The Clutter : Key new India-Israel-US-UAE alliance in Middle East & why some call the Quad to India’s west
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As India, US, Israel and UAE form a new alliance, Shekhar Gupta explains if it is truly a 'new quad' or a 'Middle Eastern quad' as it comes one year after the significant Abraham Accords. And a look at India's relations with Israel over the years. Episode 860 of CutTheClutter
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#ICYMI In March this year Haryana assembly had passed a law reserving 75% of the jobs for the state's natives. In #CutTheClutter Episode 695 Shekhar Gupta had explained the laws and why these are self-destructive for the state. As the state notifies the law now, we share an edited version of...
Published 11/28/21
Published 11/28/21