Cut The Clutter: Pakistan has a best friend for company on FATF grey list, how Erdogan’s Turkey got there
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FATF revises its grey list as #Pakistan continues to be on it. But Shekhar Gupta looks into few surprises thrown out by #FATF, especially #Turkey. Why is it a result of Erdogan's big power ambitions, 'main bhi Ottoman' fixation and as its economy continues to go from boom to doom in episode 863 of #CutTheClutter
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#ICYMI In March this year Haryana assembly had passed a law reserving 75% of the jobs for the state's natives. In #CutTheClutter Episode 695 Shekhar Gupta had explained the laws and why these are self-destructive for the state. As the state notifies the law now, we share an edited version of...
Published 11/28/21
Published 11/28/21