The Comic Wrap: DC/Marvel Comics Are Agenda, Manga Dominance Continues, Most Hated DC Story and More
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Wes is back with another episode of the The Comic Wrap. Wes runs down the biggest comic book and pop culture news and best conversations of the week
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Wes is joined by Comics Aficionados: Comic book critic Gabriel Hernandez from Weird Science DC, Drew from Comics Elite, comic book YouTuber and retailer Uel Carter from Fantastic Comics, Batman and pop culture critic Josh McDonald and co-host Dok. The Comics Aficionados break down all the latest...
Published 12/05/21
Batman Critic Josh McDonald and X-Men Historian Dok join Wes to talk about all the latest developments and comics in Batman and X-Men. First Wes talks about the over saturation of Batman and how releasing $50 worth of Batman comics is unhealthy for the character and fans. (00:00:00) Josh joins es...
Published 12/04/21