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For the season final I'm joined by Ramji, DM of The 4th Culture, an Asia-based TTRPG show which focuses on global voices and set in an Asian-influence homebrew world. We discuss global mythology and it's impact on TTRPGs, such as it's inherent euro-centricity and how this has affected published settings and games around the world. At it's core, D&D is collaborative storytelling, so it's more similar to folklore and myths than you might originally think! We go on to discuss tips for creating homebrew mythology, such as leveraging different systems and approaches to world building, along the way sharing our own anecdotes and cultural experiences. 02:51 - The Difficulty of Mythology in D&D 13:47 - Digging a Little Deeper 24:29 - Building In-Game Myths 37:02 - Telling Stories Through Maps 42:29 - Telling Stories Through Language 56:44 - Linked by Humanity Find Ramji on: The 4th Culture: Find Thinking Critically on: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Patreon: Ko-fi: References: 'Monster' episode of Thinking Critically 'Microscope' by Ben Robbins Patrons: Robert Hartley @RobertHartleyGM: Optional Rule @optionalrule: Matthew Perkins @mperkinsDM: Matt Street @mpstreet88: Intro Music: 'Local Forecast' by Kevin MacLeod Intermission Music: 'Chill' by Kevin MacLeod Outro Music: 'Local Forecast - Elevator' by Kevin MacLeod
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