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Puzzles, the marmite of Dungeons & Dragons! I'm joined by Michael Wu, a.k.a. DM Micycle, to discuss the nuances of designing puzzles for TTRPGs. Certain considerations have to made during the design process, as puzzles are a unique gameplay element in that they are challenges for the players, rather than their characters. Not only do we have to deal with regular awkward rolls (Wizard rolls low on INT, Barbarian rolls natural 20 to solve the puzzle, etc.), but also how to bridge the various gaps between players and their characters. This is a two-way problem, in that not only do characters have vast and innate understanding of the world that players do not (history, magic, science, creatures), but players are also often stronger than their characters (arithmetic, logic, reasoning). Accounting for both these is a critical component in designing challenging but fun puzzles. Michael explains the differences between what he calls "escape room" and "interactive" puzzles. The former you're likely to find in official material as they are easier to produce and slot into campaigns, however they have several substantial drawbacks. Interactive puzzles on the other hand, although having a larger upfront overhead, are much more flexible, expandable, and engaging for both players and their characters. Ultimately it comes down to understanding; the rules are arbitrary and contrived. Bespoke interactive puzzles, however, have transparent constraints upfront meaning the players and their characters have everything they need to be able to solve it. 03:20 - "Required metagaming" - bridging the player/PC knowledge chasm 12:54 - The escape rooms of Tasha's Cauldron 21:10 - Designing robust puzzles 34:26 - Examples of in-universe applications 46:29 - Puzzles without an answer 52:16 - Handholding - bridging the player/PC strength ravine 55:14 - Incorporating real-world physical props Find Michael on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/DMmicycle Game Master's Toolkit 5e iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1528248704 Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/dmmicycle Website: https://dmmicycle.company.site/ Find me on: Website: https://www.thinkingcritically.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/Danilo_DnD Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thinking_critically_dnd/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkingCriticallyDnD Intro Music: 'Local Forecast' by Kevin MacLeod Intermission Music: 'Chill' by Kevin MacLeod Outro Music: 'Local Forecast - Elevator' by Kevin MacLeod
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