How to Know You’ve Found “The One” ft. Angela’s Fiancé, Ian (Laura’s maternity leave!)
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This week’s episode is called How to Know You’ve Found “The One.” It's Ian's final week as a guest host before Laura's triumphant return! We talk about how you have to go on lots of "meh" dates to know when it's a good one and how important it is to feel comfortable with someone. We also answer your listener questions, including a listener who has never met her long-distance boyfriend IRL and another listener who wants to know how to not go crazy while waiting on a proposal. Then we talk about what’s in the news: Gen Z thinks millennials are “cheugy” & a Tennessee hat shop sells insanely offensive ‘not vaccinated’ badges. Angela prepares for a rainy wedding day, and Ian takes therapy in his hot car.  This week's episode is brought to you by: Squarespace (offer code: SINGLE) Care/Of (offer code: THISISWHY50) Advertise on This Is Why via
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