This Week In Voice (Season 7, Episode 10)
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This Week In Voice Season 7, Episode 10 Guests: Noelle Silver (IBM), Mike Pappas (, Alex Bordanova (Voicemod), Alya Yacoubi (Zaion) Stories: 1a) The Latest Details On The Amazon Layoffs And The Impact On Alexa ( 1b) Alexa, Cut Costs! Amazon Begins Layoffs At Devices, Services Units (NY Post) 2) Digital Banking Didn't Kill Bank Branches - But Chatbots Will (Forbes) 3) Why Salesforce Is Betting On Generative AI For Conversational Workflows (VentureBeat) 4) Say Hello To Abena, A Local Voice Assistant By A Ghanaian Aiming To Rival Siri, Others (Face 2 Face Africa)
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This Week In Voice Season 8, Episode 3 Guests: Maaike Coppens (VP of Design, OpenDialog AI), Amit Ben (CEO, One AI), Greg Whiteside (CEO, HumanFirst), Jay Ruparel (CEO, VoicePlug AI), Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (Speech Accessibility Project, UIUC) Stories for discussion: 1) Google Shows Off New...
Published 02/03/23
Published 02/03/23
Guests: Shyamala Prayaga (Senior Software Product Manager, Conversational AI, NVIDIA), Victor Riparbelli (CEO, Synthesia), Molly Duggan (CEO, Molly Duggan Associates), Freddie Feldman (Director, Voice and Conversational Interfaces, Wolters Kluwer Health) Stories for discussion: 1) SoundHound...
Published 01/27/23