Vice (2018)
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Foxx is treating himself this week and we're talking about Vice! Uh - oh.. are our hosts finally getting political? Is this movie a solid follow up to The Big Short?! Tune it to find out!
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It's another slasher movie for the Halloween season, and this time it's kind of, sort of, a more traditional slasher. We're talking about Dario Argento's Opera! Will this film be hailed as another classic in Argento's filmography? Will its issues prove too much to bare?! And finally, which host...
Published 10/26/21
We're on a roll with our slasher series, and we're covering yet another untraditional one. We're talking about April Fool's Day! Will this film pull one to many tricks on our hosts?! Tune in to find out!
Published 10/19/21
It's the second entry in our Slasher category. We're talking about Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night 2! Will this off-the-wall movie fit into the traditional slasher genre? Does it rip off too many concepts to stand strong on its own?! Tune in to find out!
Published 10/12/21