#776: Séance With Shannon Taggart
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Thank you so much for tuning in for another episode of Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli.  This episode we welcome author and photographer Shannon Taggart to the show to discuss her book "Seance" and the world of the Occult and Paranormal.  Nothin but Bangers.  This was an amazing episode so we hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for your support. Join the WolfPack at Wise Wolf Gold and Silver and start hedging your financial position by investing in precious metals now!  Go to samtripoli.gold and use the promo code "TinFoil" and we thank Tony for supporting our show. If you want to Leave a message for TFH Live! please call 323-825-9010.  Watch live very Tuesday at 3pm pst at Youtube.com/@SamTripoli Check out Sam Tripoli's Live Rumble Reaction Show  "DoomScrollin with Sam Tripoli" Every Thursday At 3pm pst.  https://rumble.com/c/TinfoilHatwithSamTripoli Grab your copy of the first issue of the Chaos Twins now and join the Army Of Chaos: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/chaos-twins-1-by-sam-tripoli-paranoid-american--2/coming_soon/x/5548203 Want to see Sam Tripoli live?  Get tickets at SamTripoli.com:   Hollywood, Ca:  Comedy Chaos Live At The Comedy Store May 14th https://www.showclix.com/event/comedy-chaos-may14th   La Jolla, Ca: The Comedy Store May 24-26th https://thecomedystore.com/la-jolla/calendar/la-jolla/#   Cosa Mesa, Ca: The Underground Comedy Club at La Cave May 30th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sam-tripoli-la-cave-comedy-in-costa-mesa-tickets-909044355137   Morris Plains, Nj:  Tin Foil Hat Comedy and Swarm Tank Live Friday 21st At the Dojo Of Comedy https://www.tiffscomedy.com/events/93023   Broadbrook, Ct: Tin Foil Hat Comedy and Swarm Tank Live Friday 21st At The Broad Brook Opera House https://broadbrookoperahouse.thundertix.com/events/228947   Please check out Shannon Taggart's internet: Website: ttps://www.shannontaggart.com/ LiLy Dale Event: https://www.shannontaggart.com/events/2024 Book: Seance- https://bit.ly/3KcxPuj   Please check out SamTripoli.com for all things Sam Tripoli. Please check out Sam Tripoli's Linktree: https://linktr.ee/samtripoli Please Follow Sam Tripoli's Comedy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samtripolicomedy/ Please Follow Sam Tripoli's Podcast Clip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samtripolispodcastclips/   Thank you to our sponsors: CopyMyCrypto.com: The ‘Copy my Crypto’ membership site shows you the coins that the youtuber ‘James McMahon’ personally holds - and allows you to copy him. So if you’d like to join the 1300 members who copy James, then stop what you’re doing and head over to: CopyMyCrypto.com/TFH You’ll not only find proof of everything I’ve said - but my listeners get full access for just $1   DoingWellWhyDoingGood.com:  If you would like to live in a sovereign community with it's own food, water, shelter and energy so you don't have to worry about any of that stuff... Register for the OFF GRID DREAM LIFE Event happening Saturday April 27th at noon central online via Zoom! The cost of your admission has already been covered for you... Just go to hwww.OffGridDreamLife.com (http://www.offgriddreamlife.com/) to register now. When you attend, tell them Sam sent you. Again, the link to register for free is www.OffGridDreamLife.com (http://www.offgriddreamlife.com/) . Go secure your spot now to secure a sovereign future for yourself and family.   Prize Picks:   PrizePicks is the largest Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform in North America. We are the easiest and most exciting way to play DFS - It's just you against the numbers. Instead of battling thousands of other players, including pros and sharks, you pick MORE than or LESS than on 2-6 player stat projections and watch the winnings roll in!  Download the Prize Pick app today and use the code "tinfoil" for a first deposit match up to $100!”   Helix Sleep: The Helix
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