The Human Factor | Veefriends, Gift Goats, and Asking Gary Vee a Question | My Trading Card Origin Story
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On this episode, we dive into the Human Factor - which is all about learning about what it is to be a human and how that can help us grow and succeed in life. Because regardless of what we do, we are all human beings - even scientists and engineers. This week, I talk about one of my earliest passions - trading cards! Pokemon, YuGiOh, Dragon Ball, Magic the Gathering - all a MASSIVE part of my childhood and where I found the passion that is behind this podcast. It's an origin story of what made me who I am today...a big ole nerd!  While I was preparing for the Total Solar Eclipse, my trading card game days started to come back to me. I got myself into the VeeFriends Trading card world - an intellectual property created by Gary Vaynerchuck (aka Gary Vee). Right before my trip to Maine I got LAUNCHED into the VeeFriends TCG universe after winning two gift goats! These are some of the rarest cards in the series with only 555 in what I believe is 2.8 million cards in circulation. But the fun didn't stop there - less than two weeks later I was asking GaryVee a question on his 11 hour live stream!  So this episode is an attempt to explain a little bit about who I am to anyone who's new, but also a moment for me to grow and learn (once again) that asking questions is important.  Thanks for joining us - let's dive in! Let us know what YOU think! We'd love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected] Topics from the episode: trading cards, card, garyvee, love, podcast, stargazing, friends, space, veefriends, asking questions, learned, gift, gary vee, pack, online, money SOURCES: The 'Topics from the episode' above and the timestamps below for the episode were generated using AI ( by processing the audio file. Timestamps: 00:00 The Human Factor - Self-doubt and Asking Questions 03:42 Podcasting, a Space Podcast, and learning from Gary Vee 08:03 NFTs, Trading Cards, and Patience - what it means to me 13:39 The impact of Trading Cards on my life, from Childhood to Adulthood 17:19 Space-themed Trading Card and meeting online friends 23:39 TodayinSpace pulling two Gift Goat cards on VeeFriends Cards Fanatics Live 27:53 My question to Gary Vee on his 11-hour live stream | How to start IRL space meetups to grow a community with real people. ----------------- Here's to building a fantastic future - and continued progress in Space (and humanity)! Spread Love, Spread Science Alex G. Orphanos We'd like to thank our sponsors: AG3D Printing Magic Mind ( use code TODAYINSPACE20 for 20% OFF or up to 56% off subscription) Follow us: @todayinspacepod on Instagram/Twitter @todayinspace on TikTok /TodayInSpacePodcast on Facebook  Support the podcast: MAGIC MIND ( AND use my code: TODAYINSPACE20 More ways to support us: • Buy a 3D printed gift from our shop - • Get a free quote on your next 3D printing project at • Donate at #space #rocket #podcast #spacex #moon #science #3dprinting #nasa #boeing #spacetravel #spaceexploration #spacestation #spacecraft #technology #commercialcrew #boeingstarliner #starliner #iss #aerospace #spacetechnology #engineer #stem #artemis
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