Water to Wine
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A couple of years ago, our oldest daughter got married. My wife, our son, our youngest daughter, and I were all part of the wedding. With so many moving parts that day, I was very thankful for our wedding director. All the stress of pulling off a smooth event rested on her shoulders and not on us. We could relax and enjoy that important day. In John 2, Jesus, Mary the mother of Jesus, and His disciples had been invited to a wedding in the town of Cana. It seems that Mary had been asked to help with the wedding festivities. Unfortunately, everything did not go as planned and all the wine was quickly consumed by the attendees. Since weddings lasted for an entire week, several days must have passed and the attendees had quickly gone past their allotted share. Before the lack of wine became public knowledge, Mary went to Jesus with the problem (v. 3). Like any mother, she assumed that her son would help in some way. Mary knew that if they were unable to get more wine, it would be a great embarrassment to the families. Although Jesus seemed to resist helping, Mary knew that He would. She knew His character. She knew that He could be trusted to always do the right thing. So, she told the servants to “do whatever he tells you” (v. 4). Although it wasn’t Jesus’ hour (or time for His public ministry to begin), He still turned water into wine. He did this for the sake of His mother, for the sake of the bridegroom, for the sake of the servants, for the sake of His disciples, and for His glory (v. 11). >> Mary knew Jesus would help. She had watched Him mature (Luke 2:52). She knew His character. She knew He could be trusted even when He appeared uninterested. When Jesus seems distant to you, don’t lose hope. He sees. He cares. He will provide what you need exactly when you need it. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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