362 Willie Barcena
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"A lot of comedians can't write because in order to write you have to spend time by yourself and these types of comedians are afraid of what the silence with tell them about themselves."   Willie Barcena is one of the realest mother truckers I have ever seen on stage. I respect him because he has a philosophy and outlook on life that he brings to every joke or story idea he brings to the stage and that is my favorite kind of comedy. He believes in the power of the pen and that to survive as a comedian you must always be writing which involves being alone and focusing your thoughts. "A man who can be alone with himself is a dangerous man. Willie has survived every imaginable hardship from childhood poverty to family betrayal during the pandemic and these circumstances have only added to his arsenal of funny things to talk about. In this episode we talk about Mexican heroes, the Low Rider culture of Los Angeles and many other dazzling knowledge nuggets to delight your brain. He is a man full of valuable wisdom and powerful punchlines and that is why it is my pleasure to present to you now the one and only Willie Barcena! Hooray for humanity!
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