364 Breakfast with the Stoics
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Ashna Rodjan returns to the podcast for an in depth conversation about Stoicism and to give you the tools to live your best possible life. In this episode we talk about the book Breakfast with Seneca by David Fideler. Are you going to keep making the dumb mistakes over and over or would you like to gain the insight and wisdom of the ancient philosophers? I urge you to dive into this episode with the spirit of joy and friendship. Your life will be better for having done so. Thank me later, and thank Ashna right now for being one of the best friends I've ever had and an all around smarty pants when it comes to Stoicism. "WE spent the pandemic becoming Stoics." Hooray for humanity! Hooray for Stoicism! And joy be upon you! Like right now! Hooray! Patreon.com/tomrhodessmartcamp @_tomrhodes @ashnarodjan
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