Steven Bartlett
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Steven Bartlett’s Diary of a CEO podcast tops the charts most weeks. But he rarely goes on other people’s podcasts. Making an exception for Tony he steps into the ring to chat all things anger. We hear about life growing up as the only black kid in a white area of Plymouth, racism and why anger has a special place in business. How his career started aged 10 selling cigarettes nicked from his mum. Why poverty led him to hanging out in chicken shops looking for left over chicken bones. Why his dream of getting a million pounds, a six-pack, a girlfriend and a fancy car by the time he was twenty-five didn’t change him for the better. How he rejects disadvantage and won’t be limited by it. And how to accept that you are already enough.
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Published 05/17/22
Boxer Derek Chisora has fought most of the greats including Tyson Fury but he's never fought Tony! Instead of getting into the ring for a fight he steps up for a frank chat about anger. And as someone known as much for his pre-match antics as his boxing, as well as controversies away from the...
Published 05/04/22
One of the world’s top boxing promoters Eddie Hearn tells Tony what winds him up and how he keeps things under control. Eddie admits early on that he’s quick to calm down when he gets angry before revealing it’s actually Tony who is one of the angriest people he’s ever met! He talks rudeness,...
Published 04/27/22