Ricky Gervais
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Former world champion boxer Tony Bellew meets one of his comedy heroes as he gets to ask Ricky Gervais what makes him angry. From people eating loudly in restaurants, to waiters sniffing, men yawning loudly on aeroplanes to seeing dogs being yanked on the lead, Ricky admits small things make him angry every day. He reveals what happened 30 years ago that made him the angriest he’s ever been and why an incident with his mum and brother helped turn him into an animal activist. To Tony’s surprise Ricky also turns out to be a fan of his and describes a charity boxing match as the hardest thing he’s ever done. Packed with laughs and surprises, you don’t want to miss this episode. Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
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