Jamie Carragher
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Everton fan Tony swallows his pride to let Liverpool legend, pundit and good mate Jamie Carragher on the show. As they sit down to chat all things anger, Carra reveals some of his earliest frustrations as a kid came from being way better at football than the rest of the kids at school. He wanted to win so badly he would get sent off for speaking too harshly to the ref or his team mates. That drive and determination to win took him right through his long career at Liverpool FC. However, he admits that playing for the team where he grew up added untold pressures, his competitiveness was too much for his fellow players and it eventually led him to consult a sports psychologist. As well as offering incredible insight into his career, Jamie reveals some of the locker room punch-ups he witnessed over the years, tells Tony which manager wound him up the most and how he feels footballers have gone soft. He even tells all about what winds him up as a pundit. P.S. Don't mention Gary Neville! Producer: Mike Holt Booker: Charlie Copsey Social Media: Lucy Oliva Executive Producer: Alice Lloyd An Orion Publishing Group production for BBC 5 Live and BBC Sounds.
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