EP2: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About STONEHENGE But Were too Afraid to Ask.
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Stonehenge is Tony’s favourite piece of archaeology – he’s had so many adventures there over his long and varied career digging up history, so the second of two Cunningcast launch episodes is all about Stonehenge. Around 5,000 years ago, ancient people began construction on this Neolithic monument and Stonehenge has been a mystery ever since - the big questions of why did they do it and how still leave us guessing. Whoever built it left no written record and few clues for us to piece together, but clues there are. In this episode, Tony is inviting some old friends onto the podcast - fellow Time Team presenter Raksha Dave, Professor Mike Parker Pearson and archaeologist Alison Sheriden - to find out more about the world’s most famous stone circle, which never stops surprising us.     Hosted by Tony Robinson @Tony_Robinson Featuring: Raksha Dave @Raksha_Digs Field Archaeologist, Public Archaeologist and Broadcaster, recently appointed as President of the Council for British Archaeology London. Raksha's experience spans prehistoric times to the Second World War with primetime documentaries and series on BBC, Channel 5 and Channel 4.   Mike Parker Pearson Professor of British Later Prehistory, University College London. Mike specialises in British and European prehistory from the Neolithic to the Iron Age; Stonehenge and the British Neolithic; the Beaker people of Bronze Age Europe; the archaeology of the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides); the archaeology of Madagascar and the Indian Ocean; the archaeology of death and burial; public archaeology and heritage.   Dr. Alison Sheriden Research Associate, Department of Scottish History and Archaeology, NMS; Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology, University of Edinburgh; Vice President, Archaeology Scotland. Credits Series Producer: Melissa FitzGerald        Exec Producer: Dominic de Terville Cover Art: The Brightside   A Zinc Media Group production   Follow: Twitter: @cunningcastpod Instagram: @cunningcastpod YouTube   If you enjoyed my podcast, please leave us a rating or review. Thank you, Love Tony x Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
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