My Scorpio Birthday Shenanigans
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Hey Besties! Guess what? Violetta just hit the big 3-5, and she's feeling fabulous! In today's episode, she's spilling all the tea about her unconventional birthday celebration. No Confession Corner or Benson Knows Best this time – it's all about Violetta and her epic birthday escapade. Picture this: a day at the Huntington Library with the parents, a series of unexpected hiccups, and a plot twist that turns everything around. Violetta shares the highs, the lows, and the heartwarming surprise from her ride-or-die friends. And because she's the queen of adulting, she decided to take her birthday off work. But did it turn into a serene day of self-reflection? Nope! The aftermath involved a serious ice cream marathon and some well-deserved beauty sleep. Living her best life? Absolutely!
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