Elephant and Giraffe Attacks - Tyke Crashes the Circus & A Giraffe Impersonates a Wrecking Ball
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This episode comprises of two previously released Tooth and Class bonus episodes, wherein Jeff covers the case of Tyke the Circus Elephant, and then Mike tells the tale of a couple of unfortunate tourists having a run-in with an extra large giraffe. Wes, as usual, brings all kinds of animal behavior and biology knowledge about each of the two animals. ~~ To advertise on the show, contact us! ~~ Tooth & Claw is brought to you by QCODE. Support the show and get access to an extensive library of exclusive episodes like this by supporting the show on Patreon or joining the Grizzly Club on Apple Podcasts. For the latest updates on the show and all things wildlife, follow us at toothandclawpod.com and social:  Instagram: @ToothandClawPodcast Twitter: @ToothandClawPod Wes: @GrizKid Jeff: @jefe_larson Mike: @mikey3ds   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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