59. The Lion King (1994) - #FavFest2019
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For the pride of Disney's renaissance, The Lion King, it had to be a massive episode. We take a look back at this iconic animated film as we prepare ourselves for Jon Favreau's photorealistic remake. We briefly touch on Kimba: The White Lion (check out this great video essay on the subject by Alli Kat) and Julie Taymor's live-action Broadway musical. NEXT: Jon Favreau's The Lion King (2019) TABLE READ with Alexei & Aaron Chen at the Giant Dwarf Theatre, July 19 BUY TICKETS HERE Cameron James has an encore of his comedy festival show at the Comedy Store BUY TICKETS HERE Sign up to our Patreon for just $5 to get access to our spin-off TOTAL REBOOT RIFFS. Where we'll be talking even more Favreau with episodes on Swingers, Made, Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens. SIGN UP Follow us on TWITTER & FACEBOOK to find out what's next up on the pod!
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