West Elm Caleb And The TikTok Stampede
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We're diving deep into the philosophical issues at the core of TikTok, namely, why users on the app keep threatening to kill each other. What is it about TikTok's algorithm and user incentives that causes so many moral panics that end in networked abuse. Is it human nature or is it something the app is actively doing to us? Warning: this episode contains a lot of metaphors.
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This week we went deep into a network of news accounts on Twitter called BNN. It turned out to be an insanely confusing rabbit hole and we still have a lot of questions about exactly why the BNN accounts were created and what they’re actually meant to do. But, excitingly, right when we were about...
Published 06/30/22
We’re back with one more installment about NFT scammers and hijacked Twitter accounts. We learned a heck of a lot over the last week. We heard from all kinds of people who have lost access to their social media accounts this way and have a few more answers about what’s actually going on here....
Published 06/23/22
Published 06/23/22