Have We Already Lost The Battle Over A.I. Content?
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We’re talking about A.I. this week! It’s finally gotten good enough that we can actually talk about what a world of “A.I.-based content” might look like. We’re looking into real A.I., extremely fake A.I., and the ethics of making content with A.I. that is normally made by human creators. Is it unethical? Is it even worth worrying about considering we may have already missed a chance to even argue about it? Lot’s of questions this week. Also, speaking of A.I., we should build one that can remove all of the instances in this episode where Ryan says “interesting” or “fascinating,” am I right? Oh, and, sad update, the algorithmically-generated death metal YouTube channel doesn’t appear to be online anymore. This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit www.thecontentmines.com/subscribe
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We’re back with another outside episode. We sat on a park bench and talked about Threads, NPC streamers on TikTok, and AI. Ryan also got chased by a wasp and a dog came by to say hi. Then we went and watched some cricket. A perfect summer afternoon. We’ll be back in a few months, probably. Bye...
Published 07/28/23
Published 07/28/23
Ryan was in London so we did a little recording session out in a park last week. We wanted to talk about something other than Twitter and AI, but, let’s be real. That’s all we talked about. Also, perhaps most importantly, Luke finally watched all of Ted Lasso. And he’s real pissed. This is a...
Published 05/01/23