The Stay-At-Home Girlfriends Of Tiktok
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This week we kick things off with a look at Google’s very bad earnings report and a bombshell Reuters report that revealed that Twitter seems to be hemorrhaging users. Then we take a dive into the exploitative and uncomfortable world of British “dangerous places” YouTubers. You know the ones. Those posh guys that go vlog in failed states and turn human misery into clickbait. And, finally, we take a long and comprehensive look at the rise of the TikTok stay-at-home girlfriend. Ryan says stay-at-home girlfriend content seems deeply isolating and lonely and sort of haunting to watch. While Luke just really wants to do nothing all day except drink juices and swim. SHOW NOTES “Alphabet just had its worst day since March 2020, when Covid shutdowns started in the U.S.” “Exclusive: Twitter is losing its most active users, internal documents show” Lord Miles Routledge Adventures Bald and Bankrupt Yes Theory Kendel Kay’s TikTok This is a public episode. If you’d like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit
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We’re back with another outside episode. We sat on a park bench and talked about Threads, NPC streamers on TikTok, and AI. Ryan also got chased by a wasp and a dog came by to say hi. Then we went and watched some cricket. A perfect summer afternoon. We’ll be back in a few months, probably. Bye...
Published 07/28/23
Published 07/28/23
Ryan was in London so we did a little recording session out in a park last week. We wanted to talk about something other than Twitter and AI, but, let’s be real. That’s all we talked about. Also, perhaps most importantly, Luke finally watched all of Ted Lasso. And he’s real pissed. This is a...
Published 05/01/23