Could Luxury Become Responsible? | Transforming Luxury
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Designer Eileen Fisher, SVP of supply chain innovation at the Savory Institute, Megan Meiklejohn, general secretary of the Aura Blockchain Consortium, Daniela Ott, and co-founder of Project Everyone, Gail Gallie, discuss sustainability within the industry and why luxury must use its influence for good.
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In this episode, Transforming Luxury’s host Robin Mellery-Pratt shares the most actionable insights for the industry from the series, discussing its three salient themes: market disruption, shifting consumer sentiments and technological innovation — with BoF Content Strategist Alice Gividen.
Published 12/21/21
Creative technologist Ommy Akhe, founder and CEO of Wanna Sergey Arkhangelskiy, and Auroboros co-founders Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello discuss how our physical realities will be augmented and overlaid by digital experiences and services.
Published 10/11/21